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Photolithography (LIGA) is a lithographic reproduction process to generate a pattern through light exposure on a matrix board coated with photoresist. This process enables extremely fine 2-D or 3-D parts to be manufactured.

For the manufacture or reproduction of highly-precise and complex parts, nickel or copper is primarily used. The parts are often finished with a plating of gold or silver.

The aperture geometry can be made square, hexagonal, slot-formed or round in different patterns or even as computer point. Wall thicknesses of 0.01 mm to 0.5 mm and larger are possible. The shape of the bridges can also be made conical on one or both sides.

The process allows both flat and cylindrical patterns to be made; the latter method also allows the production of seamless cylinders.

Conventionally, the design to be produced is firstly copied on to film. The film is then laid onto a matrix, which has been evenly coated with a light-sensitive photo-resist and then exposed to UV-light. After exposure, the photo-resist is then developed. The non-exposed parts of the resist are easily washed out. The exposed areas are heat-cured and hardened by UV light and remain on the matrix. The matrix can now be placed in the nickel bath for plating. Once the nickel plating has been done, the plated parts are removed from the matrix.

Areas of application:

Watches, electronics, drum filters, sieves and screenprinting, razor foils, food & tobacco industry, screenprinting, signage