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Iten Galvanik AG

ISO certified

Galvano-forming is a method for manufacturing or reproducing high precision, component parts which may have complex shapes and can also be seamless cylinders. For the production of tooling (moulds), nickel or copper - or a combination of both - is used.

An absolutely accurate scale model is essential for the mould to be made. Modern products made of plastic demand the utmost precision in contour uniformity and an exact reproduction of the surfaces, which have been specified in the original design. Therefore, a discussion with our technical specialists is necessary when deciding the model materials and how they are to be shaped.

We are a recognised and reliable supplier of galvano-formed tools, moulds and cast shells. With us you can reduce your "time to market" considerably.

Areas of application

Industrial machinery, textile, automotive, office machinery & filtration and rapid-prototyping.