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Chemically deposited nickel coatings are different in many ways from "conventionally" electrolytically deposited coatings. The process which we use, produces roentgen amorphous nickel phosphor coatings with a typical phosphor content between 10.5% and 14%. Roentgen amorphous means, that not a crystalline structure is produced, as by the electrolytic process, but a nickel phosphor glass. The coatings produced are not magnetic, have high solderability and can attain a hardness of 500-600HV. With optional subsequent heat treatment, this can be increased up to 1100 HV.

The wearing, abrasion and corrosion properties are excellent. Another important aspect is the extremely high contour uniformity of the coating even in recesses and threaded parts. Thus no major coating thickness differences on the corners or edges occur as is otherwise the case.

Electroless nickel is applied whenever a very high corrosion protection, high wear and abrasion resistance is required. Classical areas of application are machine manufacturing, aerospace industry, food industry, precision parts and with subsequent gold plating, the electronics industry.

Galvanic Plating

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